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DAESSY is a creation of and the property of Daedalus Technologies, Inc., a company established in 1985 to manufacture and market specialized scientific equipment.

In 1986 Daedalus Technologies, Inc. became aware of the augmentative communication field and began developing what has become the DAESSY Mounting System. The development of the components for the mounting system, subsequent establishment of manufacturing and marketing capabilities and expansion into other products intended for the same market eventually displaced the scientific side of the company.

In 1986 Daedalus Technologies, Inc. developed and introduced the Daedalus Support System for mounting communication devices and laptop computers on wheelchairs.

Between 1988 and 1991 the Daedalus Support System was known as and marketed as the 'Quick 'n' Easy' wheelchair mounting system.

In 1991 Daedalus Technologies, Inc. assumed control over distribution and marketing under the trademark DAESSY. DAESSY is an acronym derived from Daedalus Support System.

Since 1991 the DAESSY mounting systems product line designed and manufactured by Daedalus Technologies, Inc. has expanded to include the Stem System for switch mounting.

DAESSY, Daedalus Support System, and MAKING TECHNOLOGY MORE ACCESSIBLE are trademarks of Daedalus Technologies, Inc. the manufacturer and distributor of the DAESSY Mounting System and DAESSY Stem System.

The name Daedalus was chosen as this figure from Greek mythology can be considered the world's first practicing technologist and craftsman as described in this excerpt from Bulfinch's Mythology.

Daedalus: Literally, the cunning worker. A personification of skill in mechanical art; the patron of artists' and craftsmen's guilds. As the hero of legends and tales Daedalus was and inventive Athenian, son of Metion and grandson of Erechtheus, who originated axes, awls, bevels and the like. He was the architect who built the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete. Imprisoned in it himself, Daedalus fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus and escaped to Sicily. Icarus fell into the sea, but his father (Daedalus) reached Sicily safely.

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