MH2/IPA and MH3/IPA- Multi-hole Inner Piece Adapter

Upper component: MH2/IPA; Lower component: MH3/IPA;

The Multi-hole Inner Piece Adapter is used in place of a standard
inner piece when no tube is available to clamp around and when a square
frame tube has existing bolt holes for attachment of accessories.

The MH3 part has seven countersunk bolt holes spaced at 1/2" increments
and two rows of seven threaded holes spaced at 1/2" increments. The Inner Piece
is attached with bolts into the threaded holes of the adapter after
the component has been installed onto the wheelchair. It is possible to attach
the MH3 part with bolts through the countersunk holes and nuts on the inside of the
wheelchair frame or with 1/4" bolts through the wheelchair frame and threaded into
the threaded holes of the MH3 part.

The MH2 part is similar but with only five countersunk 1/2"-spaced bolt holes
and two rows of five 1/2"-spaced threaded holes. The shorter overall length of the
MH2 may allow it to fit on a wheelchair frame with only a short length of exposed tube.

For round tube with bolt holes see the Multi-hole Round Tube Adapter.