Special Frame Clamp Inner Pieces

Side-Mount Inner PieceElliptical Side-Mount Inner Piece

UFC875SMIP - Side-Mount 7/8"Inner Piece
UFC1000SMIP - Side-Mount 1" Inner Piece
875FSMIP - Front Side-Mount 7/8" Inner Piece
1000FSMIP - Front Side-Mount 1"Inner Piece

The Side-Mount Inner Piece is used when access to a round tube is limited; often used
when attaching to the seat frame of a wheelchair. The Front Side-Mount Inner Piece does not
require access to the inside of the wheelchair frame to access the installation bolts; all the
bolts are accessed from the 'front' side, facing out from the wheelchair frame.

UFCOVSMIP - Elliptical Side-Mount Inner Piece

A Side Mount Inner Piece used primarily on the Quickie S-626 & Quickie S-646 seat frame with the oval shape.

Narrow Frame Clamp Inner Piece 1" round

UFC1000IPMOD - Narrow Frame Clamp Inner Piece 1" std round

A narrower version of the standard 1" round Frame Clamp Inner Piece that requires only 1 1/4" clearance.

Multiple Fit Assessment Inner Piece

UFCMFIP - Multiple Fit Assessment Inner Piece (square, rectangular)

Primarily for use in evaluation purposes the inner piece can be setup to fit square and rectangular
tubing sizes ranging from 1" to 3" square.