RFCR - Removable Frame Clamp Receiver

The Removable Frame Clamp Receiver is used with the Removable Outer Piece or
Removable Frame Clamp Insert.

With the Removable Outer Piece it is used to replace the standard outer
piece of the Folding Mount or Rigid Mount to create the ROP Version used
primarily on wheelchairs with a tilting seat system. It provides the receiver
for the mount assembly and locking mechanism to secure the mount in place.

It may also be used with a Removable Frame Clamp Insert within the
frame clamp assembly of a Rear Folding Mount or Lockable Rear Folding Mount
to allow easy removal of the mount from the wheelchair. Note, the inclusion
of a Removable Frame Clamp Assembly (RFCR-RFCI) will increase the overall width
of the frame clamp assembly on either rear folding mount.