Fitting of the DAESSY Folding Mount - DFM2 and DFM2ROP

A communication device or laptop computer, when mounted on a wheelchair, must be correctly positioned to make it comfortably accessible to the user. The Fitting procedure for the determines the attachment point for the Frame Clamp assembly on the wheelchair, and the tube lengths required to place the device correctly relative to this attachment location. Before the fitting procedure is started it is necessary to first determine the required position for the device, which will depend on the needs of the user and the type of device used.

The Fitting procedure is the same for the DAESSY Rigid Mount DRM1 and the DAESSY Folding Mount DFM2.

Standard Mounting Assemblies and Fitting Exceptions

The standard tube length of 22 inches with an S-bend offset of 3 inches is suitable for many situations when the device is mounted for direct access on a medium size wheelchair but it is essential that the fitting procedure be followed for mounting a scanning or headpointer operated device as these are normally mounted higher and further away from the user than is possible with the standard tube dimensions. When the mount will be installed on a small wheelchair for a young or smaller user, the fitting procedure should be followed to ensure the correct tube dimensions are ordered. Tubing is available in a wide range of lengths and S-bend offsets and should not be cut to length during the Installation procedure.


The ends of the stainless steel tube provided by Daedalus Technologies, Inc. are fully machined and chamfered to minimize sharp edges. Daedalus Technologies, Inc. strongly disapproves of the tube being cut to length by purchasers. Cutting the stainless steel tube by any method produces very sharp and hazardous edges.

Steps in Fitting Procedure:

Fitting the DFM2 has the following steps

  1. Selecting a Frame Clamp location
  2. Measuring and Specifying the Frame Clamp size
  3. Determining the Vertical Tube length and shape

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