The DAESSY Folding Mount - DFM2 and DFM2ROP

Folding Mount DFM2

The DAESSY Folding Mount (DFM2) as the name implies can be folded away from the user. The two tubes of the Mount are connected by a flexible joint and except for this feature it is identical to the Rigid Mount. The flexible joint allows the horizontal tube, with the device attached or removed, to be lifted up to the side until the two tubes are parallel in a straight-up orientation and then rotated down until parallel to the vertical tube alongside the wheelchair. When folded and removed from the wheelchair the Folding Mount forms a more compact structure than the Rigid Mount.(not shown)

DAESSY Folding Mount ROP Version DFM2ROP

Folding Mount ROP Version DFM2ROP

The DAESSY Folding Mount ROP Version DFM2ROP is functionally identical to the standard DAESSY Folding Mount. The ROP Version allows for attachment to Tilting Seat Systems and installation beyond 15° from vertical. The Removable Outer Piece and Receiver that allows the Mount assembly to be ‘locked’ in place replace the standard Outer Piece and Index Clamp and allow the Mount to be quickly removed from the wheelchair. This Mount is non-directional and can be attached to either side of the wheelchair with the same components.

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Information on the DAESSY Folding Mount - DFM2 is organized into the following sections:

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    Before a DAESSY Mounting System is ordered some information about the application must be collected:
    1. Selecting a Frame Clamp location
    2. Measuring and Specifying the Frame Clamp size
    3. Determining the Vertical Tube length and shape
  4. GO TO: Installing the DFM2 onto the wheelchair
    1. Installing the Frame Clamp Assembly (Inner and Outer Pieces
    2. Installing the Index Clamp (IC1) or Removable Outer Piece (ROP) and Vertical Tube
    3. Installing the Folding Mechanism (RTH + 2-RTHTM) and Horizontal Tube
    4. Installing the Quick Release Base and Tube Mount (TUSB)

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