Installing the DAESSY Lockable Rear Folding Mount - DLRFM8

Steps in the Installation Procedure

Identify the Parts

All the black anodised aluminum components have a part code stamped into the metal; these should be identified and laid out as shown in the picture. Parts which may differ from situation to situation are indicated with a *.

QuantityPart CodePart NameNotes
1UFCxxxxIP or XXX/IPAFrame Clamp Inner PieceStyle will depend on wheelchair.
2O3LOffset Link
1LRFA+RTHTM(L/R)Locking Rear Folding Adapter
and Tube Mount with Locking Mechanism
Left or Right hand
1ELRH+RTHTMElbow Connector
1STR-22Straight Tube 22"Side Tube. Other lengths are available.
1STR-16Straight Tube 16"Horizontal Tube. Other lengths are available
1TUSBTotal Quick Release BaseOther styles are available
1DMSToolsAssembly Tools3/16" and 5/32" Allen Keys
Installation Instructions

It is very important that all packaging be thoroughly inspected for loose parts and instruction papers. All the mount components must be identified and checked against the standard parts list, and the order list BEFORE any packaging is thrown away.

The Swivel Clamps for assembling the Frame Clamp Assembly are fastened into the holes on the Locking Rear Folding Adapter LRFA and Offset Links (O3L). The Pinch Clamps for securing the stainless steel tubes into the components are pre-installed into their holes within each component and retained by plastic plugs. When the plastic plug is removed the Pinch Clamp can fall out. Do not remove the plastic plug until it is time to install the stainless steel tube.

The size and shape of the Frame Clamp Inner Piece (UFCxxxxIP or XXX / IPA) will depend on the type of wheelchair and the attachment location, may not be exactly as shown in the diagrams. An extra Offset Link or other parts may be included.

Specific installation instructions may be supplied with components, especially components that vary from the standard parts list. In the case of contradictory instructions, component specific instructions should be followed.

The Lock Mechanism for the Locking Rear Folding Adapter LRFA is anodised blue and is only stamped L for Left Hand or R for Right Hand. The Lock consists of a body and a latch with a non-coloured trigger. The latch moves through about 30 degrees and in the locked position it creates a partial circle. The side tube of the mount is held within this partial circle when locked in front of the wheelchair for use. The trigger must be depressed to release the lock when the mount is to be folded behind.

The Lock may be pre-assembled on the end of the LRFA body or it may be packed separately. Use the two bolts supplied with the Lock to attach it at the flat end of the Locking Rear Folding Adapter where two threaded boltholes can be found. The partial circle should be located above the tube hole within the Tube Mount RTHTM on the Locking Rear Folding Adapter.

The Locking Rear Folding Adapter body has an adjustable stop for setting the folded location. The two bolts securing the stop should be loosened so the stop can move freely during the installation procedure.

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