The DAESSY Locking Swing-away Mount - DLSA7

The DAESSY Locking Swing Away Mount DLSA7 consists of a single length of stainless steel tube bent to form a right angle. This bent tube is supported in a Frame Clamp Assembly permanently attached to the left or right side of the wheelchair. Locking Swing-Away Outer Piece holds the bent tube with one arm of the right angle coming vertically up the side of the chair and the other passing horizontally across in front of the user. A spring-loaded Locking Pin in the Index Clamp for Locking Swing-Away secured to the lower end of the vertical section of the bent tube engages with one of three holes in the Outer Piece to prevent rotation of the mount.

The spring loaded Locking Pin is retracted by pulling a Release Cable that passes along the horizontal section of the tube under the mounted device. This allows the mount to be freely swung away from the user. Depending on the orientation of the ICLSA the mount can be relocked at two positions 90 or 180º or 270º away from the user. The DAESSY Locking Swing Away Mount may also be lifted entirely out of the Locking Swing-Away Outer Piece (LSAOP) and completely removed from the wheelchair.

The DLSA7 is especially suited to users with the dexterity to reach the Release Cable under the mounted device, unlock the mount, and swing it away and the ability to reach the mount to swing it back. Alternatively an aide may operate the Release Cable and this mount may be easier to move away from the user than the similar DAESSY Rigid Mount DRM1.


When the Locking Swing-Away Mount is swung away the mounted device is located outside the wheels of the wheelchair, which makes it vulnerable to collision if the wheelchair is driven.

In the swung away position the weight of the device may unbalance a manual wheelchair. When used on this type of chair the mount should be removed or the mounted device detached before the chair is vacated.

The DLSA7 may not be an appropriate choice for scanning and head-pointer applications or for very small wheelchairs.

The Locking Swing-Away mount is not suitable for tilting seat systems.

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