The DAESSY Locking Swing-away Mount - DLSA7

DAESSY Locking Swing Away Mount DLSA7Picture of Locking
Swing-Away Mount

Locking Swing-Away Mount DLSA7

The DAESSY Locking Swing-Away Mount (DLSA7) was developed in response to many requests for a device Mount that could be moved out of the way and back into place by the user. Similar in appearance to the Rigid Mount but very different in structure the Locking Swing-Away Mount consists of a single length of tube bent to a right angle shape and supported in a clamp that allows the Mount to be swung away from the user in the manner of a gate. A Locking mechanism located at the clamp and operated by a cable running underneath the Mounted device controls the swing-away action. In some applications the Mount may be swung completely around and locked beside the wheelchair to allow the user to approach a table or desk. In common with the Rigid and Folding Mounts the device may be readily detached and the Locking Swing-Away Mount may be lifted completely out of the clamp on the wheelchair.

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Information on the DAESSY Locking Swing Away Mount - DLSA7 is organized into the following sections:

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  3. GO TO: Fitting the DLSA7
    This procedure involves collecting the information needed before ordering a mounting system and has the following steps:
    1. Selecting a Frame Clamp location
    2. Measuring and Specifying the Frame Clamp size
    3. Determining the Offset Links required and the Vertical Tube length
  4. GO TO: Installing and Adjusting the DLSA7 on the wheelchair
    1. Installing the Frame Clamp Assembly (UFCxxxxIP + O3L + LSAOP)
    2. Installing and adjusting the Locking Index Clamp (ICLSA) to set the height and Lock Positions
    3. Installing the Quick Release Base (TUSB) onto the Right Angle Tube (RT22x16T)
    4. Adjusting the Cable Release System

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