The DAESSY Rigid Mount - DRM1 and DRM1ROP

DAESSY Rigid Mount DRM1

The most basic of the DAESSY Wheelchair Mounting Assemblies is the DAESSY Rigid Mount - DRM1. This mount consists of two lengths of stainless steel tube joined to form a right angle structure that is supported on the wheelchair by a Frame Clamp Assembly permanently attached to either the left or right side of the wheelchair.

The Frame Clamp Assembly is composed of a Frame Clamp Inner Piece and a Frame Clamp Outer Piece. The Inner Piece is clamped to the wheelchair frame while the Outer Piece holds the Vertical Tube. An Index Clamp secured around the lower end of the Vertical Tube engages with a positioning pin on the Frame Clamp Outer Piece to position the tube and prevent rotation.

The mounted device is attached to a quick release plate, either directly or with use of a specific adapter, and attached to the Horizontal Tube of the mount assembly by means of a Quick Release Base that secures the device and allows for quick detaching of the device from the mount.

The complete mount can be lifted out of the Frame Clamp and removed from the wheelchair leaving only the Frame Clamp assembly attached to the wheelchair frame. Additionally, the mount can lifted enough to disengage the Index Clamp and swung away from the user through 90º or 180º and then lowered to re-engage the Index Clamp in either of these positions.

A Tube Connector (TC90) joins the Horizontal and Vertical Tubes of the DAESSY Rigid Mount - DRM1 at a fixed 90º angle. The mount can be lifted slightly until the positioning pin is cleared and rotated away from the user positioning it at 90º increments.


The DAESSY Rigid Mount can support equipment that is heavy enough to unbalance an unoccupied wheelchair, particularly when the mount is swung aside, and it should be completely removed or the mounted device detached before the wheelchair is vacated.

When used on a manual wheelchair it is advisable to remove the device and mount when the user is transferred from the wheelchair.

The standard DAESSY Rigid Mount - DRM1 can be installed with the Vertical Tube angled at most 15º from vertical allowing for more precise positioning and adjustability. When used on a wheelchair with a tilting seat system or when the Vertical Tube must installed at an angle greater than 15º from vertical the DAESSY Rigid Mount ROP Version - DRM1ROP should be used.

DAESSY Rigid Mount ROP Version DRM1ROP

The ROP Version uses a Removable Outer Piece & Receiver (ROP-RFCR) in place of the standard Outer Piece and Index Clamp. When used with the DRM1 the Removable Outer Piece eliminates the ability to swing the mount to the side, the mount must be removed from the wheelchair to provide unimpeded access to the user.

The Removable Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR) has a Locking Knob that secures the mount in position on the wheelchair allowing the Vertical Tube to be tilted considerably without any premature wearing of components.

Bent-tube Rigid Mount DBTRM1

A single tube, bent at a right-angle can be substituted for the vertical S-Bend Tube, the horizontal Straight Tube and Tube Connector on either the standard or ROP version of the Rigid Mount to make a Bent-tube Rigid Mount DBTRM1. This is the most basic mount assembly available. The components of the Bent-tube Rigid Mount are similar to those of the DAESSY Rigid Mount and the DAESSY Folding Mount allowing for an easy upgrade to either mount with the purchase of individual components.

The Bent-tube Rigid Mount can also be provided in an ROP Version with order code DBTRM1ROP.

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