DAESSY Mounting System
Wheelchair mounting for communication devices and laptops

The DAESSY Mounting System is a component based system that allows for customization and limitless configurations to meet mounting needs.

The core elements of the DAESSY Mounting System are the Standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mounts, the Desk Mounts and DAESSY Rolling Mounts.
These mounts are available in a standard configuration, or can be modified with common variations, component substitutions or additions for more customization at the user level.

Original DAESSY Mounts

DAESSY Mounting System Components

The DAESSY Mounting System Components can be purchased individually to build sturdy and adjustable structures for mounting items on walls, bedframes, floors etc.
The Mounting System Components can be combined with the DAESSY Stem System for Switch Mounting. The possibilities are unlimited.

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Selecting a DAESSY Mount

Each of the standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mounting Assemblies has unique features and limitations. The choice of appropriate mount assembly for a specific situation
depends on various factors the style of wheelchair (manual, power, tilting), the type of device to be mounted, and the requirements of the user.

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Fitting a DAESSY Mount

Fitting a wheelchair mount determines the location and size for the Frame Clamp attached to the wheelchair frame and the correct lengths and bends for the stainless
steel tubes that support the mount. These lengths are determined by the relationship between the position of the mounted device and the location on the wheelchair
where the Frame Clamp will be attached. It is essential that the optimum position for the mounted device be located before the fitting procedure is done.

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Attaching a DAESSY Mount to a Wheelchair - Frame Clamps

All DAESSY mount assemblies are supported by a Frame Clamp Assembly that is attached to the wheelchair.

Frame clamps are available to accommodate any shape or size of wheelchair tubing; standard bolt-on adapters are available for wheelchairs that do not have accessible
tubing. If a particular mounting situation cannot be accomodated with the existing range of Frame Clamp options, our in-house facility has the ability to produce custom solutions.

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Positioning a Device and Avoiding Obstructions - Tubes, Links and Spacers

The required position of the device relative to the location of the Frame Clamp is controlled with Straight and S-Bend Tubes, Offset Links and Frame Clamp Spacers.

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Attaching a Device to a DAESSY Mount

Quick Release System

The DAESSY Mounting System uses a proprietary Quick Release mechanism to allow the mounted devices to be readily detached from a mount for storage or transport
or for use in a different location. A Quick Release Base is attached to the DAESSY Wheelchair Mounting assembly, Desk Mount or other location. The Quick Release Base
has a semi-circular shape and spring-loaded pin which engage a cutout in a Quick Release Plate that is affixed to the device.

Adapters and Holders

The communication device or laptop to be mounted is first secured to an individual adapter or holder that allows for attachment to the DAESSY quick release base.
The device can then be attached to any location that has a DAESSY Quick Release Base installed, such as a Desk Mount.

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Maintenance and Adjustments, Retrofitting options

For optimal performance, DAESSY Wheelchair Mount Assemblies may require periodic tightening of bolts and lubrication of moving parts.
Plastic components may become worn after prolonged use.

The stainless steel tubes of DAESSY Wheelchair Mounts are held in place in their fittings with a Pinch Clamp. Pinch Clamps are designed to give a very firm grip to hold
the tubes in place under the normal working forces applied on a mount. If strongly tightened a Pinch Clamp may become jammed, making disassembly or adjustment
of the mount difficult. There are several techniques for removing jammed Pinch Clamps.


The component-based structure of DAESSY Wheelchair Mount Assemblies makes it possible to upgrade or alter an existing mount for a new application. On rare occasions
a mounting system component may be superceded by a newer design which can be retrofitted to improve an existing mount.

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Ordering DAESSY Mount Assemblies, Components, and Assessment Kits

DAESSY Mounting System products can be ordered as complete assemblies, or separate components. DAESSY Assessment Kits contain a variety of Frame Clamps, Tubes,
and other components that can be used to build temporary mounts for assessing the needs of a user, and for fitting non-standard applications.

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DAESSY Mounting System

Wheelchair mounting for devices

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DAESSY M-Series Mounts

"Mini" wheelchair mounting for devices

DAESSY Rolling Mounts

Independent Stand mounting for Devices

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