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M-Series - "Mini" Wheelchair Mounting System

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Mini Folding Mount - M75-FM

Mini Folding Mount

The Mini Folding Mount, as the name suggests, folds the horizontal tube down to the outside. The folding joint between the two mount tubes performs a 2-step folding sequence to bring the tubes parallel. When folded and removed from the chair the Mini Folding Mount is a more compact unit for storage. The mount is non-directional and may be installed on either side of the wheelchair.

The Frame Clamp Assembly is composed of a Frame Clamp Inner Piece and a Removable Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR). The Inner Piece is clamped or bolted to the wheelchair frame while the Receiver holds the Vertical Tube.

The mounted device is attached to a quick release plate, either directly or with use of a specific adapter, and attached to the Horizontal Tube of the mount assembly by means of a Quick Release Base that secures the device and allows for quick detaching of the device from the mount.

The complete mount can be lifted out of the Frame Clamp Receiver and removed from the wheelchair leaving only the Frame Clamp Assembly attached to the wheelchair frame. Additionally, the mount can be swung away when the adjustable height clamp lock handle is loosened.

Standard configuration dimensions: 14" Horizontal Tube (35cm) and 24" x 6" offset S-curve Side Tube (61cm x 15cm offset)

Optional tube lengths are available on request. Substitution may be made on the initial mount order at no additional charge. M75-FM tubes are also available for purchase separately.

M75-FM Optional tubes:

The M-Series by DAESSY is a smaller, lightweight mount solution which may not be suitable for larger devices exceeding 10lbs or eye camera systems that require very tall setups.

When needing to support larger devices or requiring a taller setup refer to the DAESSY Folding Mount ROP (DFM2ROP).

Part code Description
UFCxxxxIP Frame Clamp Inner Piece*
RFCR Removable Frame Clamp Receiver
M75FOP Mini Frame Outer Piece
M75FJ Mini Folding Joint
MQR75 Mini Quick Release Base M-Series*
M75STR-14 M-Series Straight Tube 14" length (Horizontal)
M75SC-24x6 M-Series S-Curve Tube 24" x 6" (Side Tube)
*Components may vary based on order specifications.

The size and shape of the required Frame Clamp Inner Piece must be specified with the order of a standard mount. The Frame Clamps section provides comprehensive information on DAESSY Frame Clamp options. When no specification is made for a particular Frame Clamp Inner Piece the UFC1000IP 1" standard is provided.

In addition to the standard and variation parts an adapter plate or device holder is necessary to complete the mount. The section Device Adapters and Holders provides comprehensive information.

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