DAESSY Mounting System
Device Holders and Adapters


Communication devices and laptop computers on DAESSY mounting assemblies are normally attached in a manner that allows the mounted device or computer to be quickly and easily taken off the mount. A plate, adapter or holder holds communication devices and laptop computers that are mounted on DAESSY mounting assemblies. The style of holder or adapter required must be specified separately from the style of mount, and is a separately sold item. A Standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mount may be ordered with no Quick Release Base or device holder by specifying No Quick Release on the order.

Mounting plates and adapters are attached to the device with screws in pre-existing holes. Many devices and laptop computers do not have any location where an adapter can be screwed on, and are instead mounted with a specially designed holder that secures the device with stainless steel clips. All plates, adapters and holders have in common a semi-circular cutout to mate with the Quick Release Base, and a small hole to hold the Quick Release Locking Pin.

The QRP1 and MDMT are generic mounting plates that can be used to mount some devices or table surfaces.

Laptop computers are held in specially designed holders which will usually allow the viewscreen to open and close and will allow access to most peripheral slots. There is such a wide range of styles of laptops that each DAESSY Laptop Holder is custom-made to fit based on measurements provided by the purchaser.

Adapters or holders may be available for devices not listed here. Contact Daedalus Technologies Inc. for more information.

Device (series)   Code
Dynavox 3100   DYN3100
Dynavox Maestro   DMAE
Dynavox 5 Series   DYN5E
Dynavox T-series DYNT1
Lightwriter SL40   SL40
Tobii C Series   TOBIC2
Tobii i-series (i12, i15)   IDTAD
PRC Device wedge   PRC5
Saltillo devices wedge   SAL5
PRC & Saltillo 3 hole adapter   3SA-NC
AMDi devices   A17P
Tobii S32   TBS32
Vesa 100x100 or 75x75   VMAD

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Device Manufacturers

Manufacturers and/or distributors of the communication devices named:
MightyMo, Dynawrite, Tango, Dynavox 3100 & 5 Series are all products of Dynavox Systems LLC.
Mercury, MiniMerc, Tobii P10 and Tobii C Series are products of Tobii ATI.
Tech 2 Series and Smart Series are products of AMDi.
Digicom and E-talks are products of Great Talking Box Company.
Talking Aid Wireless is a product of Namco.
PRC devices are products of Prentke Romich Company.
Say It Sam Tablet is a product of Words Plus Inc.
Optimist is a product of Zygo Industries Inc.
Lighwriter SL40 is a product of Toby Churchill Ltd.

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