Measurements Needed to Make a Custom Laptop Holder - Back Side

The DAESSY Laptop Holder for attaching PC-Compatible laptops to the DAESSY Quick Release System uses a Polycarbonate (Lexan) plastic base plate attached to a Quick Release Plate with stainless steel clips holding the laptop onto the plastic base. The numbers and letters on the diagram show the measurements that are needed to build a custom fitted Laptop Holder.


1B is the overall width of the laptop case to the outside of any curvature. This measurement is needed for the width of the plastic base.

2Br and 2Bl are the distances from either side of the laptop case to any location where a stainless steel clip 1" wide could be placed without obstructing anything that must be accessible when the laptop is in the holder - for example USB ports or disk drives.

3B is the height from the surface the laptop is resting on up to the top of the laptop case; this IS NOT the height to the top of the screen.

4B is the distance that the stainless steel clip can overlap onto the top edge of the case.

5B is the gap between the case and screen. The stainless steel clip is about the thickness of a dime and if the gap is too small it will not be possible to put clips on the back edge of the laptop.

Kensington Lock Option

Most laptops have sockets for Kensington Locks; many having two on the back edge. These are small slots with the picture of a padlock beside them and the laptop instructions manual will identify them. Clips can be made to secure the back edge of the laptop using these sockets. These clips can also be less than 1" wide so they are less likely to obstruct anything.

Kh is the distance from the surface the laptop is resting on up to the CENTER of the socket.

Kw is the distance between the two sockets. When the two sockets are not evenly spaced from either edge of the case or when there is only one socket then the distance from the edge of the case to the center of the socket must be given. This measurement is not shown with any arrow.

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