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Laptop computers are available in a large range of makes, models and configurations. It is not possible to have specific holders for each one. For this reason we require measurements of the specific laptop to be mounted.

The Laptop Holder uses a cut-to-size polycarbonate plastic base plate attached to a Quick Release Plate with custom bent stainless steel clips at suitable locations around the case of the laptop and adhesive backed Velcro to hold the computer. For this holder the purchaser must provide accurate sizes for the length and width of the laptop and for the height of the case at the potential clip locations.

The stainless steel clips are 1/2 - 1 inch wide and are bent to overlap the edge of the computer case by 1/4 - 1/2 inch and fit firmly over the combined thickness of the base plate and computer case. Each clip is fastened with two small screws into threaded inserts pushed into holes in the plastic plate. A clip must be located on each side of the laptop to properly secure the laptop.

The laptop holder has rubber feet on the bottom to allow the laptop to sit flat when placed on a table or desk. The laptop is easily removed from the holder when needed by removing the retaining clips.

The following pages contain information on obtaining the appropriate measurements.

NOTE: All four (4) sides of the laptop must be measured.

Digital pictures taken of each side of the laptop may be emailed to Daedalus Technologies, Inc. with measurements or any questions you may have.

[DOWNLOAD: Laptop Holder Measurement Worksheet in PDF format]

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