Measurements Needed to Make a Custom Laptop Holder - Left Side

The DAESSY Laptop Holder for attaching PC-Compatible laptops to the DAESSY Quick Release System uses a Polycarbonate (Lexan) plastic base plate attached to a Quick Release Plate with stainless steel clips holding the laptop onto the plastic base. The numbers and letters on the diagram show the measurements that are needed to build a custom fitted Laptop Holder.


1L is the overall depth of the laptop case, front to back, to the outside of any curvature. This measurement is needed for the depth of the plastic base.

2Lf and 2Lb are the distances from the front and back edges of the laptop case to any location where a stainless steel clip 1" could be placed without obstructing anything that must be accessible when the laptop is in the holder.

3L is the height from the surface the laptop is resting on up to the top edge of the laptop case; this IS NOT the height to the top of the screen.

4L is the distance that the stainless steel clip can overlap onto the top edge of the case.

Where are the clips best located?

The laptop will be held most securely when there are four (4) clips widely spaced. This means there should be a clip near each corner of the case, or a clip in the middle of all four edges; front, back and the two sides.

When clips can be placed at the front but not at the back, the side clips should be placed close to the back.

The opposite applies when clips are at the back but not the front, the side clips should be close to the front.

Two clips close to the middle of the front and back or the two sides can give sufficient security when the holder will be attached to the Locking Swing Away Mount (DLSA7) or Rigid Mount (DRM1) with non-overlapping clips also used. When the laptop will be used with a Folding Mount (DFM2) or Rear Folding Mount (DRFM6) the Velcro Strap should also be used with the laptop closed and firmly strapped shut or the holder completely detached from the Quick Release Base (USB) before the mount is folded away.

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