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The DAESSY Mounting System uses a proprietary Quick Release mechanism to allow the mounted devices to be readily detached from a mount for storage or transport or for use in a different location. A Quick Release Base is attached to the DAESSY Wheelchair Mounting assembly, Desk Mount or other location. The Quick Release Base has a semi-circular shape and spring-loaded pin which engage a cutout in a Quick Release Plate that is affixed to the device.

The standard Quick Release Base supplied with a DAESSY Wheelchair Mounting Assembly is the Total Quick Release Base (TUSB), however DAESSY also produces a selection of alternate Quick Release Bases which may be more suitable for a given mounting situation. A Standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mount may be ordered with no Quick Release Base or device holder by specifying No Quick Release on the order.

Total Quick Release Base - TUSB

Total Quick Release Base - TUSB

The Total Quick Release Base (TUSB) has an integrated tube mount for attachment to the Horizontal Tube of a mount assembly, or to the U-Tube of the DAESSY Desk Mount (DM). The TUSB may be rotated around the tube to tilt the keyboard or access surface of the mounted device.

AQRL-87Articulating Quick Release Base (standard face) - AQRL-87

The Articulating Quick Release Base allows multiple angle and tilt adjustments with the ball-joint feature. The standard face size is well suited to full-size and larger communication devices or computers.

The Articulating Quick Release Base is available with optional quick handle options.

AQR-87Articulating Quick Release Base (small face) - AQR-87

The smaller quick release face is well suited for smaller communication devices. The AQR-87 Articulating Quick Release Base provides the same adjustability as the standard AQRL-87.

Available with quick handle options; AQR-87-RH and AQR-87-2H as mentioned above.

MUSB Mini Quick Release BaseMini Quick Release Base - MUSB

A smaller version of the standard Total Quick Release Base. The Mini Quick Release Base is well suited for smaller devices and provides the same secure attachment.

Folding Quick Release Base - USBF

Folding Quick Release Base - USBF

The Folding Quick Release Base (USBF) provides quick adjustment of the angle of the attached device by rotation around the Horizontal Tube and locking in 6 stop positions. A retractable spring-loaded Lock Pin secures the Folding Quick Release Base at the chosen angle. In addition to the positioning flexibility while the device is in-use, the USBF may allow the device to be placed in a lower profile and more protected configuration when the mount is in its folded position.

RB/RBTM+USB Rotate Base Quick Release

Rotate Base Quick Release - RB/RBTM+USB

The Rotate Base Quick Release allows real-time tilt adjustment to the position of a device. No tools are necessary to make adjustments, the position is held in place.

The RB/RBTM+USB may not be suitable for larger and heavy computers or devices. When tilt adjustment is needed use a Sideways Tilting Quick Release Base USBA+TMAT which can be locked in position

Sideways tilting Quick Release Base

Sideways Tilting Quick Release Base - USBA+TMAT

This version of the Quick Release Base is attached to a Tube Mount with a collar that allows it to be rotated sideways. Additionally the Tube Mount (TMAT) can be rotated around the Horizontal Tube. When these two motions are combined a device may be tilted toward the user and then sideways to suit a person with a viewing position tilted to the side.

Flat Quick Release Base

Flat Quick Release Base - USB

The Flat Quick Release Base is a plate machined with the semi-circular groove to receive a DAESSY Adapter or Holder. Two 1/4" diameter holes are drilled through on an exact 1 1/2" spacing and can be fastened to any flat surface - for example a lap tray. When used on a flat surface a hole must be cut for the Locking Pin socket and ring. The ring must be retracted from underneath the surface. The Flat Quick Release Base (USB) may be attached to other components of the mounting system to allow it to be mounted at the top of a Vertical Tube offf to one side of the wheelchair, or on the cross tube of a walker or scooter tiller bar.

Stem Mounted Quick Release Base

Stem Mounted Quick Release Base - USB+AC875IP/UACDM

The Flat Quick Release Base is combined with other DAESSY Mounting System components to provide a method of attaching a Quick Release Base at the top end of a Vertical Tube. The Quick Release Base can be adjusted for the tilt angle.

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