DAESSY Mounting System
Retrofitting and Upgrading a DAESSY Mount

Return Policy

Return authorization must be requested within 30 days of the shipping date. Items for which the authorization is being requested must be unused and returned in the original packaging; they must be in new condition for future resale. Acceptable returns will be charged a minimum 20% restocking fee and Daedalus Technologies may, at its discretion, apply a greater fee for late claims or opened items based on the condition. Custom items ( i.e. non-standard tubes and custom adapters) are not returnable for credit. Contact Daedalus Technologies Inc. for more details.

Part Substitution

Conversion between a DAESSY Rigid Mount and DAESSY Folding Mount

A DAESSY Rigid Mount can be converted to a DAESSY Folding Mount by purchasing the Folding Mechanism (Rotating Tilt Head and 2 Tube Mounts RTH+2RTHTM). Similarily a DAESSY Folding Mount can be converted to a DAESSY Rigid Mount by purchasing a Tube Connector TC90. It may be necessary to adjust the height of the Index Clamp when substituting between these two components.

Moving a Mount to a different wheelchair

If a DAESSY Mounting Assembly is to be installed on a new wheelchair it may be necessary to purchase new Frame Clamp components. These may include a new Frame Clamp Inner Piece and any Offset Links or Spacers necessary to avoid obstructions on the wheelchair. These components can be purchased individually.

Conversion for mounting on a tilting chair

For re-installation on a tilting seat system the DAESSY Rigid Mount and DAESSY Folding Mount will require an ROP Frame Clamp Assembly. The Removable Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR) and Removable Outer Piece (ROP) will replace the Frame Clamp Outer Piece (UFCOP) and Index Clamp (IC1).

The DAESSY Rear Folding Mount can be converted to a Lockable Rear Folding Mount for application to a tilting chair by purchasing the Lockable Rear Folding Adapter and Lock Mechanism. The Lock Mechanism is specific to the side of the chair on which the Mount will be installed. This side (Left or Right from the perspective of the User) must be specified at time of order.

Design Changes

The USB+TM3T Standard Quick Release Base has been replaced by the TUSB. The components are equivalent in function and there is no need to replace existing USB+TM3Ts with the new component.

Older style Offset Links and Single Sided Offset Links could only be installed at an angle of less than 135 degrees. Newer style Offset Links (displaying Serial Numbers) no longer have this angle restriction. It would only be necessary to purchase a new style Offset Link to replace an old one if the installation required an angle tighter than 135 degrees.

DAESSY Mounting System

Selecting a DAESSY Mount Assembly

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Folding Mount

Locking Swing-Away Mount

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Positioner Mount

Desk Mount & Clamp Desk Mount

Rolling Mount
RM-24 & RM-32

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