DAESSY Rolling Mounts

The DAESSY Rolling Mount is an independent floor stand for any AAC device or laptop. Fitted with the DAESSY Quick Release Base, the Rolling Mount is an excellent companion to the DAESSY wheelchair mounts, allowing easy transfer of an AAC device or laptop from the wheelchair to the Rolling Mount for use while in bed or in an alternate location.

DAESSY Rolling Mount RM24 & ROM32TDAESSY Rolling Mounts are now available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

DAESSY Rolling Mount ROM32 with Folding Quick Release Base, wheelchair accessible.

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Alternate Quick Release Bases available. For added adjustability of device angle positioning the Folding Quick Release Base USBF and Articulating Quick Release Base options are available.

Rolling Mount Features

Locking Casters standard on all Rolling Mounts.

Low-profile Locking Casters

The DAESSY Rolling Mount is fitted with 2" locking casters that provide smooth travel over most indoor floor surfaces. All four caster wheels can be locked to keep the mount in position during use.
Low-profile base with 2" locking casters roll under furniture with 3.5" clearance.

Real-time Height Adjustable

Real-time Height Adjustment

The height position of the horizontal top tube is easily adjusted.

Tube connector for easy disassembly

Easily dismantles for shipping or storage

The DAESSY Rolling Mount is easily dismantled completely for compact shipping or storage.

DAESSY Rolling Mount ROM32

Rolling Mount Specifications

All Rolling Mounts

RM24, ROM24

RM32, ROM32, ROM32-AJH




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DAESSY Rolling Mounts

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