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S-Tubes and Offset Links


When a communication system, laptop computer or other device is mounted on a wheelchair it must be correctly positioned for the user. Keyboard access normally requires the equipment to be close to the user and slightly above lap height. A device located for scanning or head pointer access must be higher and further away from the user.

The DAESSY Mounting System provides two methods of adjustment to correctly position a mounted device vertically, and forward and backward, relative to the attachment point of the frame clamp supporting the mounting assembly. These methods are the S-Bent Vertical Tube and the Offset Links (O3L and O3LS).

S-bent Tubes and Offset Links combined with Frame Clamp Spacers can also be used to avoid the mount contacting other wheelchair fittings or obstructions to the folding motion.

S-Bent Tube

S-Bent Vertical Tubes

The S-tube is a length of stainless steel tube with two bends to offset the ends of the tube but keep the two ends parallel as shown in the picture. Three measurements describe the S-tube:

Standard S-Tube

If no fitting dimensions are provided with an order for a DAESSY Rigid Mount or DAESSY Folding Mount, a standard S-Tube will be supplied. The dimensions of the standard S-Tube are: L = 22 inches, O = 3 inches, S = 4 inches. The part code for this S-Tube is S-22x3.

Custom S-Bent Tubes

The DAESSY Rigid Mount and DAESSY Folding Mount can be ordered with a custom sized S-Bent tube. The Fitting Procedure should be followed to determine the dimensions of the custom S-Tube. Indicate the desired L, O and S dimensions.

In some mounting situations with the DAESSY Rear Folding Mount and DAESSY Lockable Rear Folding Mount it may be desirable to incorporate an s-bend in the Side Tube to clear an obstruction on the wheelchair during the rear folding motion. The details for specifying the tube length and s-bend dimension are the same in this circumstance.

The minimum overall tube length L available is 14 inches. The minimum straight length S available is 3 inches. The minumum offset distance O available is 3 inches. The accuracy of the lengths and offset distance on S-tubes is +/-3/4 inch.


The ends of the stainless steel tube provided by Daedalus Technologies, Inc. are fully machined and chamfered to minimize sharp edges. Daedalus Technologies, Inc. strongly disapproves of the tube being cut to length by purchasers. Cutting the stainless steel tube by any method produces very sharp and hazardous edges.


S-tubes The DAESSY Rigid Mount and DAESSY Folding Mount use a S-tube for positioning the mounted device. In addition to front-to-back positioning with these mounts the S-Tube can be aligned to place the upper end further sideways than the lower end to pass outside the edge of a laptray.

An S-Tube can also be used with the DAESSY Rear Folding Mount and DAESSY Lockable Rear Folding Mount to bring the upper end of the Side Tube outside the edge of a laptray or to avoid other obstructions along the side of the wheelchair.

Offset Links

Offset Link The Offset Link (O3L) and Single-Sided Offset Link (O3LS) are aluminum bars which provide 3 inches of separation between Frame Clamp components. The Offset Link is connected to the other components with Swivel Clamps which allow the components to be held at any angle relative to each other. Two Offset Links can be attached together to provide up to 6 inches of offset between the Frame Clamp Inner Piece attached to the wheelchair and the Outer Piece of the Frame Clamp Assembly supporting the Vertical or Side Tube. If more than 6 inches of offset is required it may be possible to combine Offset Links and S-bent Tubes. Please contact DAESSY for advice.

The Offset Link is 1/2 inch thick and moves the Frame Clamp Outer Piece further out from the wheelchair frame by this thickness. When the overall width of the wheelchair and attachments must be minimized the 'single-sided' Offset Link (O3LS) can be used.

The adjoining faces of all the parts for a Frame Clamp Assembly have circular grooves to give extra friction against movement when assembled. The grooves on an Inner Piece engage with the grooves on an Outer Piece but will not engage with the grooves on another Inner Piece. Offset Links and Frame Clamp Spacers have the letters IP stamped into the metal beside the grooves that attach to the Inner Piece and OP stamped into the metal beside the grooves that attach to the Outer Piece.


All the grooved faces must be correctly matched and engaged before the Swivel Clamp bolts are tightened. When the grooved faces are correctly matched it will be possible to turn the mated components in a circle, but they will not slide across each other at the grooved face.


The DAESSY Rear Folding Mount, DAESSY Lockable Rear Folding Mount and DAESSY Locking Swing-Away Mount all use the Offset Link to place the Rear Folding Adapter or Locking Swing Away Outer Piece relative the the location of the Frame Clamp Inner Piece as described in the 'Fitting' and 'Installation' sections for these mounts.

Offset Link for the Rigid and Folding Mounts

Offset Links The Offset Link can be used with the DAESSY Rigid Mount and Folding Mount to adjust the fit of the same mounting assembly on two different wheelchairs. When a mounting assembly will be used on two wheelchairs and the fitting measurements differ between the two chairs the Frame Clamp Outer Piece may be relocated relative to the inner piece on either or both chairs to correctly position the mounted device on both chairs.

Frame Clamp Spacers

Frame Clamp Spacer

Two types of Frame Clamp Spacer are available. The standard Frame Clamp Spacer (UFCSPCR) is 3/4" thick and provides this separation between outer and inner components of a Frame Clamp Assembly. This clearance may be necessary to avoid obstructions such as the rear wheel or brake levers.

The Right Angle Frame Clamp Spacer (UFC90) changes the plane of the Frame Clamp components by 90 degrees. This may be necessary if the only available location for the Frame Clamp Inner Piece is on a cross-tube perpendicular to the side of the wheelchair.

Frame Clamp Spacer

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