UAC of correct tubing size attaches to the wheelchair and is fastened by two bolts (3/16" Allen Key).
Attached to the UAC by the same two bolts is the Releasable Mounting Clamp which holds 7/8" Stainless Steel
tubing or smaller sizes using Delrin sleeves. The clamp is tightened by a hand lever and holds the tubing
firmly in place.

Once the UAC is attached to the wheelchair the Releasable Mounting Clamp may be rotated to allow for
the switch mount tubing to be at any angle neccessary. Once a suitable position is found the entire
assembly is tightened by the two bolts and held firmly in place.

If after final tightening of the hand lever it has stopped in an obtrusive position it may be
repositioned without further tightening or loosening of the switch mount tubing by pulling the lever back
from the shaft. This allows the lever to be turned independently of the lever shaft and can now be moved
to an unobtrusive position.