DAESSY Stem System
Wheelchair mounting for Switches

The DAESSY Stem System allows for the mounting of switches in a manner that is suitable to each user's specific application. It is highly adjustable, unobtrusive and a versatile system to meet switch mounting requirements. Compatible with some different switch mounting systems using simple adapters, the Stem System can be used to complement an existing system currently used.

DAESSY Stem System components are available individually and in assembly kits.

HOW IT WORKS (Assembly Description)

The modular design of the Stem System means the number of possible configurations is almost limitless. There is no wrong way or right way to build a Stem System switch mount. To build a switch mount you must start with a clamp location, an attachment point to the wheelchair or table. From this location you build the switch mount by combining appropriate components one by one up to the switch is placed in the optimum position.

Stem System components are joined by internal and external tapered threads. During assembly these threads are tightened enough that they will not move during normal use. Threads close to the switch end do not need to be as tight as those near the mounting clamp. The tools needed for assembly and installation are a 5/32" Allen key, 3/16" Allen key, a 9/16" wrench, 5/8" wrench or 3/4" wrench.

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