DAESSY Stem System
Stem System Evaluation Kit - SS04-EK

The Stem System Evaluation Kit includes all the components to build a Stem FlexiArm assessment switch mount, and a single or double switch mount assembly. This kit can be used to determine which DAESSY Stem System components will be needed to place switches in the correct location for a permanent mount solution. The Stem System is infinitely flexible and there is no wrong way to build a Stem System switch mount.

Disassembly of the tapered thread connections on Stem System components is possible but not always easy when the parts have been tightly assembled. For this reason it is not convenient to use the individual Stem System components alone as an evaluation tool, as rapid changes between components and stem lengths may not be possible. The Stem FlexiArm is designed as a short-term switch position assessment tool.

SS04-EK Parts Listing (click on part for description and picture)

Part NamePart CodeQuantity
Accessory Mounting ClampAC1000IP/UAC8751
Releasable Mounting ClampUAC1000/RMC1
Stem Index CollarSIC1
Stem Ball JointSBJ2
Stem Quick ReleaseSQR1
Stem Connector 90 degree (external)SC90ext1
End Flange: Buddy Button (internal)SEF-BBFint2
Adjustable Angle Stem ConnectorSSAC2
Stem JointSSJ1
Tube-Stem AdapterT-S2
S-Bend TubeS-18x61
Connecting Stem: 2"SCS-022
Connecting Stem: 4"SCS-044
Connecting Stem: 8"SCS-082
Connecting Stem: 12"SCS-121
Connecting Stem: 16"SCS-161
Stem FlexiArmSFA1
Clamp End Fitting InternalCEF(int)1
Allen key 3/16"1
Allen key 5/32"1

Additional tools necessary for assembly are available separately: 9/16" wrench & Vise Grips

Substitutions and changes to kit contents are possible; Contact us for details and price information.

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